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At sixteen, Keres is ready to pursue her musical dreams and leave the past behind. Her social life has grown a lot more complicated ever since she and her bestie Ethan split. He's rich, popular...and totally disinterested in reconciling with Keres. That suits her just fine.

But when she discovers the true identity of a depressed caller on her favorite podcast, she may not be able to ignore the past—or Ethan—much longer. Is it possible his charmed life isn't so charmed, after all?

After a chance meeting with her music idol ends on a sour note, her future might hang in the balance. Can Keres overcome her heartbreak and give Ethan a second chance while staying true to herself and her dreams?
Or are some friendships undeserving of an encore?

Listen Up

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Fun Facts about Listen Up

1. It was originally titled Par for the Course.

2. It’s my third YA Romance.

3. Keres was an artist before I made her a songwriter.

4. I wrote four half-drafts before I finally wrote the one that I ended up finishing.

5. Some of the storyline was changed due to a revise-and-resubmit request. 

6. I wrote the entire second half without an outline.

7. I named Veda after Vada Sultenfuss from My Girl, which is my second favorite movie.

8. It was my favorite for a long time but has since been surpassed.

9. It’s the only one of my early YA Romance I didn’t shop around to agents.

10. I have a strange fascination with country club golf courses, hence the setting.

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