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Abbie Is Returning to Her Roots?!

She also refers to herself in third person.

While I'm reasonably certain that I'm the only person who reads my blog, I wanted to share my recent epiphany of monumental, groundbreaking, life-altering proportions.

I, Abbie Lyn Crank, am returning to my literary roots.

Frankly, I haven’t been very inspired lately. I have a plethora of YA Contemporary Romance ideas, but my desire to write them is nil. However, when I put on a hazmat suit and plumbed the depths of my OneDrive, I found myself drawn to long-forgotten plots and characters. Plots and characters that exist across various genres and worlds far different from this one.

In other words—not YA Contemporary Romance.

I suffer from extreme all-or-nothing thinking, known in psychological circles as "cognitive distortion." Obviously, this line of thinking applies to my writing. Since I was a preteen, I've had this strange notion that I can only write one genre. My brain seemed to feel that I could only write YA romance or only write fantasy or only write paranormal.

Certainly, marketing myself as a one-genre author would make my life a little easier. But I don’t want to trap myself in a creative box. While I adore my YA Romance books, I’m not going to let interesting stories sit on a shelf for the sake of easy branding. I’m not going to let characters I love languish for the sake of ready-made marketing.

Storytelling is my lifeblood. Sometimes, I want to tell the story of a mortician’s daughter who befriends a daredevil and learns to live to the fullest. Other times, I want to tell the story of an alcoholic medium and a ghost who refuses to stay dead. There are even times when I want to write about aliens and their grumpy sidekicks.

I’m excited about what lies ahead.

(Hint: It involves an untalented witch and a magical tutor with a revolving door of personas.)

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