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♡ FAQ ♡

Q: How long have you been writing?

The short answer is: since forever. Really. I can't actually recall any specific moment in which I decided I want to be a writer. I do remember that my earliest stories were mostly about dogs and usually involved them getting lost or saving their humans from terrible danger. At age twelve, I co-authored my first novel with a friend. The writing bug really sunk its teeth in when I was around fourteen. That year, I finished writing two books on my own. I liked it so much that I never stopped.

Q: How did you decide you wanted to write YA Contemporary Romance?

When I was younger, I exclusively wrote fantasy. I always noticed that I was more invested in the characters' relationship status than what weapons they were going to use to take down whatever evil overlord of darkness posed an existential threat to them and their world. But I didn't really ever stop to think that maybe my talents would be better utilized in a different genre. I always enjoyed reading YA Contemporary but thought I could never write in the genre. Flash forward to April of 2018. I entered a writing contest—a retelling of "Snow White." Not only did I lose, but I also got judged so harshly that I almost quit writing. For months, I would sit in front of my keyboard, fingers frozen, paralyzed with fear. My brain kept telling me that I wasn't good enough to be a writer. That everyone in my life had lied to me about my talents. It was one of the most disheartening experiences of my life. Then I finally decided to try my hand at YA Contemporary. That's when it all seemed to click for me: THIS was my genre. That contest that nearly killed my writing spirit turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. And I couldn't be more grateful for it.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

I'm inspired by a lot of different things. Sometimes, I'll be listening in on other people's conversations, and something that somebody says will plant itself in my mind and blossom into a little flower of inspiration. Other times, I'll be watching a movie, and the Inspiration Fairy will sprinkle her magic dust over my thoughts. Consistently, I seem to be the most inspired by every day things—the flower shop I pass every day on the way to work, a strange headline that catches my eye when I'm scrolling through the news on my phone, a bit of dialogue I hear in a show. It honestly depends.

Q: What are your non-writing hobbies/interests?

I'm a huge fan of Nintendo games—particularly Fire Emblem, Splatoon, and Animal Crossing. I also love The Sims. When it comes to music, I enjoy listening to everything from classical to 80s to indie to K-pop. (Side note: I'm drawn to music that reminds me of my characters, and my listening habits tend to correlate with which book I'm writing/characters I'm into at that moment in time.) I also love anything creative—acting, singing, dancing, drawing, painting. 

Q:  Who are your favorite authors?

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

First of all, never give up. Even if you feel like you'll never have an audience or that you'll never be published, don't stop writing. If writing brings you joy, write! Also, don't worry about getting things perfect the first time around. Your first draft will be messy, and it's supposed to be messy. Focus only on getting your story down on paper. Trust me when I say that you can fix a lot of things when you revise.

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